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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trumpla: Political Reality TV

While out in DC recently I had the pleasure of running into White House Commentator/Georgetown Adjunct Professor Jon-Christopher Bua. JC covers international politics and writes for a few publications including the UK Huffington Post. We had an excellent discussion on foreign political processes, the 2016 Presidential Election, some of his work media training campaign spokespeople and his course at Georgetown 'Politics and The Media: an American-European Perspective'. One of his latest pieces you should check out is called Donald Trump vs Everyone: Do TV Debates Really Matter and to stay in tune you can follow him on twitter: @JCBua

Morton Downey Jr. Show 

In a reality tv society where the best press is bad press, all of this 'Trumpla' and his stagecraft antics have forged him into a one man Morton Downey Jr. show; a true pioneer of political trash tv. Like him or not, the guy is entertaining and represents the voice of millions of Americans who think and feel the exact same way. 

Like the 1980's era that catapulted Morton Downey Jr. into a pop culture celebrity, the same trend is happening with Donald Trump. To give you a sense of his popular culture impact consider the fact that his name has been dropped in rap lyrics at least 67 times by popular artists over the last 25 years. In terms of popularity, Trump is almost peerless in comparison to other presidential candidates except for Deez Nuts -no pun intended. Unlike Canada or other places where citizens vote for political parties represented by candidates, American citizens vote for the popular guy, not political platforms. Couple that kind of political process with an uneducated apathetic electorate and this is exactly what we see is exactly what we get.

Know Nothing Party political rhetoric  

Two things I wanted to point out about Donald Trump is his 'whig' and no nothing political platform. When I say whig I'm not talking about the spider monkey hairpiece on his head. I'm talking about his Whig Party perspectives. In the mid 1800s, the Whig Party  were known as American Patriots, anti-Democratic and took many conservative stances that would be considered 'far right' today such as occupational prestige and upper class opportunism. Eventually succeeded by the Republican Party, Whigs were also said to be many things to many people, willing to abandon core convictions for the purpose of gaining political clout. Ironically the word whig is derived from the Scottish word 'whiggamore' and Donald Trump shares Scottish ancestry; his mother Mary Anne MacLeod was from the island of Lewis on the west coast of Scotland. In regards to Trump's no nothing political platform, his views are reflective of The Know Nothing Party’s xenophobic (fear or dislike of foreigners/outsiders), anti-immigration/naturalization sentiments. Also active in the mid 1800s, The Know Nothing's were a party who viewed themselves as the true Native Americans and only accepted membership of Protestant males born of British ancestry. They were also considered semi-secret because its members were instructed to reply, “I know nothing” if asked about the Party’s activities. Unlike today, xenophobic, anti-immigration/naturalization and anchor baby sentiments are not a secret; every time Trump opens up his mouth it's clear he doesn't 'know nothing' about how to address certain national and foreign policies. 

In the final analysis I think it's important that we understand that things happen in cycles, including political philosophies. Technology wise, we just have easier access to some of the same ideologies that built or destroyed this country in the past. In order to be an educated electorate we must be aware of this. I don't have a prediction on the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election because it's still too early to tell who corporate America will choose to represent their interests. What I will say is that we cannot underestimate the power of popularity vs political platforms. A little over a decade ago the Morton Downey Jr. Show set a rachet television precedence and helped pave the way for reality television. Today we have a new kid on the block leading the same flock and it's going to be hard to trump that.


Monday, August 24, 2015

The Original Woman
Planet Earth

Within Five Percenter culture, one of the common phrases people may hear us use is, "The original woman [black woman] is the Earth." Have you ever really considered what this means? I've once heard a female say, "It means she's dirt", which is as far from the truth as Meek Mill's diss track response to Drake. Anyway, some of my female readers have been reaching out to me requesting that I elaborate on this perspective further and here it is.

We consider the original woman [black woman] the Earth because she corresponds to our planet. Meaning, she is parallel or equivalent to it in form, character and function. When we say 'black' we are referring to all women of color; from the darkest shade of black to the lightest shade of black. As black is the essence from which all color is derived, these melanated shades are gradations of that source. When it comes to geography, the study of describing the Earth, our planet has various shades [gradations] of soil yet it's still one planet. Human [hue-man] geography is likewise the same; as people of color we're one original family. I think it's important to clarify this because some people may think that being dark skinned is what makes us original or first. That is not entirely true because regardless how much melanin we have, we still may be last in a lot of things in life -including intellectual maturity. So in addition to color, we must also consider consciousness and cultural orientation when it comes to what being original means.

Various classical and indigenous societies view the original woman as Mother Earth, the Great Mother and Mother Nature because of her form, character and function -such as her physical composition, atmosphere and ability to birth and sustain life. One of the first things to keep in mind about the Earth is that it's a terrestrial planet. That's where the name 'Earth' is derived; the Latin root "Terra", the root word of terrestrial meaning 'of the land.' This means that our planet possesses a solid surface and a metallic core. This core is the source of Earth's geomagnetic field that shield's it from cosmic radiation. The Earth also has four different layers: an inner core, outer core, mantle and crust [surface]. Lastly, Earth is distinguished from the other terrestrial planets Mercury, Venus and Mars because it possesses water which is vital for life as we know it. All of these qualities have a symbolic relationship to the original woman. In regards to the Earth's primarily Iron [Fe] core, the source of its geomagnetic field that shield's it from cosmic radiation, iron is considered the life-force of the Earth in some societies such as the Aborigines of Australia. As a life-force of the Earth, it symbolizes a woman's vitality, integrity, resilience, strength and fortitude. In regards to functioning as a geomagnetic shield, that symbolizes a woman's protective instinct against outside danger. The four different layers of the Earth symbolize the layers of a woman. The crust is the surface or most outer layer of the Earth. This represents what and how we physically see a woman; this is her appearance. The mantle is the second layer or what lies just beneath the surface; as a mantle is that which cloaks, shrouds or disguises. Also keep in mind that movement of the mantle causes tectonic activity such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on the crust, her surface. In symbolic terms, sometimes it's something lying just beneath the surface, that's undetected by the naked eye, that causes the unstable activity we see on the outside. The hottest and deepest layers of the Earth are the outer and inner core which are primarily composed of iron and nickel, thus making the planet magnetic. It is in this interior place that our Earth derives its magnetic field; its North and South Poles [compass]. In symbolic terms, internally is where you'll find the core convictions and source of a woman's moral compass and sense of direction. As the Earth possesses other precious metals and minerals that develop within it's womb, women possess the ability to develop precious life within their womb; children. The Earth's weather is primarily determined by the state of it's atmosphere, as a woman's mood is partly determined by the state of her emotional atmosphere. The Earth's magnetic relationship with the Moon's 28 day lunar cycle effects our planet's tides the same way a woman's 28 day menstrual cycle effects her emotional tides that are linked to her sympathetic nervous system that partly regulates her hormones and body's ability to cope with stress. As hunter gatherers that eventually transitioned into farming and industrialism, we directly consulted with women who were biologically in tune with our landscape, planting and harvest seasons. As forecasters, their wisdom and guidance was critical to our survival and that consultation also corresponds to the creation of calendars based upon a 28 lunar and her 28 day menstrual cycle. Among many societies, a woman is seen as an Oracle [diviner] within its cultural matrix because of her intuition, our southern relatives call mother wit and what Western Philosophy has come to define as priori knowledge. In Greece for example, she was the priestess Pythia; central figure of the Gaia [Earth] society and Oracle of Delphi men would consult for guidance on the seventh day of each month.

Divine Iz Earth [photo credit: Rugged Vision]

Women defining themselves as the Earth is not a Five Percenter trademark nor is it our intellectual property. That idea has existed for many years, in different geographic locations and among various societies before there was a North America and the Father was born. Culturally speaking, how we define, articulate and apply that idea as Five Percenters is unique to us, and how we define and articulate those parallels are customarily represented by our women. So for example, as the Earth is covered 3/4th's under water, 139,685,000 square miles of water and 57,255,000 square miles of land, Five Percent women dress modestly; clothing themselves 3/4th's as various other women around the planet likewise do. Something that also distinguishes Earths are the customary head wraps [crowns] they wear. We consider all of this her refinement because that style of dress reflects a sense of decency, cultural elegance, sophistication and grace. To learn more about refinement you can check out the blog of Izayaa Allat. Nutritionally, and to promote optimum health, our women strive to not pollute their bodies the same way many of our ancestors did not pollute, defile or desecrate themselves or the Earth. Therefore, our women strive to make certain dietary choices and engage in those people activities that help them maintain a positive physical, emotional, mental and financial state. As men we strive to reciprocate that state by making corresponding dietary choices and engaging in those people activities that help us maintain a positive physical, emotional, mental and financial relationship with our woman, and the planet Earth. The Earth rotates on its own axis yet revolves around the Sun. The rotation, travelling 1,037 1/3 mph, is symbolic to a woman's autonomy, identity, self-determination and purpose. It's her motion, personally. The Earth's revolution is her motion around another body; her orbital relation to the Sun within the context of our solar system. In symbolic terms, as man corresponds to the Sun, a woman's revolution as the Earth is her interdependent role and relationship within the nuclear family.

These are just a few of the countless examples why we as Five Percenters, and various societies around the world, view the original woman as the Earth's twin. Even if we were to say a woman were a Goddess, as a deity she still maintains a terrestrial correspondence and is personified/defined according to earthen qualities. So there is no way around, below, above or through that; a woman is analogous to the Earth. I think it's also important to note that just because a woman doesn't call herself the Earth within the context of the Five Percent, it doesn't mean that she's not functionally corresponding to the Earth. There are various indigenous societies who have never heard of Five Percenters that equate their women as the Earth and who've been successfully expressing that worldview for hundreds of years. There are also various women today who live by non-Western cultural norms that are Earth-centered. It's likewise true that just because a woman calls herself the Earth it doesn't mean that she automatically corresponds to that. Some women, and people for that matter, are more aligned than others, regardless what we call or don't call ourselves.

In closing I want to remind those of you who have read this intellectual breakdown of the original woman's correspondence to the Earth that it does not substitute learning from, walking with and having an actual relationship with the true and living Earth. As a male/man, I do not correspond to the Earth and there are many things I am not personally qualified to speak on. That is the role and responsibility of the Earth, not the Sun; I am simply shedding light. So in addition to reading these articles, my books and watching my videos I strongly encourage you, particularly women who are interested in learning more about the Earth, to do so from the true and living Earth. You can email me directly at: and I can strive to connect you with the sisters I know in your respective regions.


Saturday, August 01, 2015

 Battle Royal
When the media coverage of Meek Mill vs. Drake first went viral I excited me! Not as a fan of their work but as a lyricist, poet and outright music enthusiast. This moment put the focus back on lyrics. The last time the mainstream or general public were really interested and concerned about what someone had to actually say was that BET cipher verse by ‪‎Kendrick Lamar when he put the entire industry on notice. To this day NO ONE has reasonably responded to that. Do you know who truly listens, dissects and critically analyzes rhymes regardless to whom or what? Rap Enthusiasts  who genuinely appreciate lyrics, poets/spoken word artists, battle rappers and emcees/femcees. Last week 85% of the mainstream audience were just bobbin' they head to beats.

Another thing that I appreciate about this situation is it's potentiality to bring out the best lyrical content of artists. Busy Bee Starski vs. Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J vs. Canibus, Jay-Z vs. Nas, KRS One vs. MC Shan, Ice Cube vs. Common and etc. are all instances where artists came with their best. As long as it doesn't go waaaaay left on some government co-opted Tupac/Biggie scenario it's a healthy landmark moment for Hip Hop‬ in general and rap music specifically. Something else I've considered is its economic stimulus. The peripheral memes, videos, vintage tees, product placement and co-signs that not only generates web traffic but creates commerce is important. When Drake dropped his second Meek diss track Back To Back he used a picture of forgotten "World Series Hero" Joe Carter after hitting a three run homer to beat the Philadelphia Phillies. We would be na├»ve to believe that people didn't go out and buy Joe Carter paraphernalia that day? Brilliant! Drake also made good on his lyrics by sending Charlemagne‬ 6 bottles of Dom P.. That was dope yet imagine if he would used his celebrity to get behind an up and coming entrepreneur and support their brand of alcohol by sending it to Charlemagne. What if Meek Mill responded by talking about charity work he's done for the Blackstone Foundation Library in Toronto? Personally I would love to see instances like this used to better empower everyday people and support local businesses.

After all of this Meek Mill finally came back with his response entitled Wanna Know which was wack from my perspective. His words weren't clear, Funk Flex added his theatrical explosions, there were samples and anything else you can imagine that distracts a listener. Although many people, including Philadelphians, expected more I still appreciate this moment in Hip Hop. Politically speaking it's no different than lobby groups putting the pressure on public officials to respond to a current situation. In rap music, people, not necessarily artists, oftentimes don't have this kind of pressure on them -especially when they're mainstream [Top 40]. Therefore, they say, do and sell whatever they want to the public. In this instance the lobby groups were everyday people using social media and hashtags to call for a response and we got one. Some may not realize this power to social economically engineer events and the growing political consciousness of the people but it's happening.

Almost three decades ago The Cosby Show highlighted an upper middle-class African-American family living in Brooklyn in the beginning of the golden era of Hip Hop‬. Yet the first time the culture was explicitly addressed/introduced was on a Season 2 Episode when the children were in the studio with Stevie Wonder and he sampled their voices and produced a beat with a synclavier. This was 1986 when Run DMC, Just Ice, Salt and Pepa, Steady B, The Beastie Boys, Afrika Bambaataa, Doug E. Fresh, Whodini, Too Short and others were making their mark within the chronology of rap music. At this time rap was still mocked as "jungle music", marginally accepted and Stevie Wonder served as an ambassador for a sound, creative process and exposure to a culture that would ultimately reshape the world. We have come a long way from this mainstream moment of time. Now it's common to hear some element of Hip Hop culture in every facet of television and radio globally. It doesn't mean that it's accepted, it means that it and it's people are financially useful. We cannot overlook, minimize or trivialize that.

Some people have called this Meek Mill vs. Drake media coverage boring, overrated, wack, a distraction and etc. Yet the irony of this is the fact that they still found themselves commenting about it. That's like an Atheist talking about there is no God. At the end of the day, whether we like Drake, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj's neutrality, this is a teachable/educational moment. If you're a Hip Hophistorian, use it as an opportunity teach others about the chronology of rap battles. Take a moment to educate yourself, and others, about "ghost writing" and one of the most prolific one's Smokey Robinson. Are you a rapper/emcee? Well make your own response to the situation or state of rap music. Do you make custom tees, a producer, graphic artist or etc.? Do something with Joe Carter or others such as Meek Mill's sister who has over 1 million youtube views in 48 hours. Find something of value in this that is inspiring, empowering and educational as opposed to just complaining. Add-on!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Are We Culturally Congruent?

     Based upon my experience of formally having KOS [Knowledge of Self] almost 20 years this September, one of the biggest misconceptions I've seen people have about Five Percenter culture is that growth and development happens over night. In this fast food microwave society people often have the unrealistic expectation of "instant results." The reality is, nothing happens over night but the night and it takes years, months and days to unlearn and learn things that will improve our way of life and make us resourceful to others. Culture is not something we add water to, stir up and bake for 45 minutes. Culture is not something we simply read on this blog, nod our heads to in a cipher or listen to on Instagram clips. Culture is the sum total of all of our people activities which includes everything from our diet, language, the way we behave in private/public, our perspectives on education and economics and even how we define our sex life. Culture encompasses every aspect of our way of life.
     When I first got KOS I wanted 120 Lessons. That is what I thought and believed was what it meant to be a Five Percenter; to know your lessons. While this is an integral part of learning the core values, principles, chronology, social norms and etc. of the Five Percent, I learned over time through walking with my Enlightener/Educator that lessons were not the sum total of this way of life. Over the course of our journey I also learned the Supreme Mathematics, our Nation's chronology, the Supreme Alphabet, Twelve Jewels and other sciences of life. Still then, these components which comprise our cultural curriculum were still not the sum total of this way of life. It took me years, months and days of experience to realize that regardless of our personal growth and development or individual accomplishments, they mean very little without the context of family and community -the cultural building blocks of any nation. In other words, in order to have a culture or sum total of people activities we must have a group reality; people. That sense of collectivism provides the context of culture because in order to improve, tend to, raise or grow anything it requires interdependence. In our physical environment that interdependence or network of organisms interacting together is called an Ecosystem. When it comes to us personally, without that sense of collective consciousness and sensibility, our way of life begins to reflect more of an Egosystem.
     What inspired me to write this are the experiences of different people reaching out to me for support. One of the common things I hear is that Five Percenters in certain areas are not actively involved in their communities or doing anything for others. Aside from putting pictures and video clips on Instragram or being universal flagged-out on Facebook, many of these people are simply going to work everyday, if they are employed, and possibly attending a nation function once a month dressed in their Sunday's best. That is disappointing. That was not what the Father or his companions did. If that would have been the case none of us would be here because nothing would have been shared. I met my Enlightener unenrolled in a semester of college still going to physics, sociology classes and etc. to learn. That wasn't a typo, I said "UNENROLLED" meaning; he did not have to be there yet he was there to teach others. Some of us only take a class or training when it's necessary or we're getting paid. There are some Five Percenters who only engage the public, and other Five Percenters, monetarily. The only things they're ever involved in benefits them personally, including their own household, and they don't facilitate anything that solely helps others. That is a problem. Why? Because imagine where we would be if the Father had that kind of self serving mentality. Imagine if the Father and his companions' main platform was to monetize their relationships with the youth, their peers and anyone who looked towards them for guidance and support. Consider how it effects the lives of those in need today when the only time some of us are willing to do something, or ask others for something, is when it personally benefits us and ours?

     This year I became an active member of a grassroots organization in my city called Niagara Falls Forward; a group of like-minded citizens invested in enhancing the quality of life for citizens in our city. Some of the things we've done are information sessions, a voter registration drive, food/clothing giveaways and we recently held our First Annual Niagara Falls Forward Family Festival on July 4th. Everything we've done has been made possible by the community, for the community. A couple of weeks ago we participated in a local event called Pints4Progress. Pints4Progress is an event held once month where citizens come together to eat, drink, socialize and vote on a project that will help improve our city. Each new attendee pays $5 and former attendee pays $10 to attend. With their entrance fee they get a meal/drink and after everyone has had a chance to socialize, several attendees are invited to present a five-minute project idea to the group. Once all those interested have pitched their ideas, each attendee votes on the project idea they favored the most, with the highest vote-getter taking home all funds collected at the door. The week we attended there were almost 150 people, seven presenters and I did a five-minute presentation about our First Annual Niagara Falls Forward Family Festival. We won the pot and walked away with about $1,300. One of the things I emphasized to the group is that although we would like their vote to help us secure a couple of bounce houses and other things for the children during our festival, we came to offer our help as volunteers for any of the businesses/organizations who were in need, and we came to ask if any of the attendees were willing/able to be a Niagara Falls Forward volunteer at any of our events/initiatives. We actually accomplished all three goals! One of the things I realized from this experience, that reaffirms some of things I've written about in this article and have reiterated over the years in my writings/videos is that people are often more willing to help you help others than help you help yourself. Let me repeat that, "people are often more willing to help you help others than help you help yourself." Some of the other presenters who didn't win wanted people to vote for them to take the money to support their [personal] business. Yes I'm a strong advocate of localism, supporting black businesses and etc. yet that approach is no different than asking someone to take money out of their pocket and put it in yours. There's no magic, marketing scheme, bells and whistles website or infomercial to it. All it takes is the willingness and ability to do for others, period. This is something I consistently strive to communicate to others, especially my Universal Family, who are genuinely committed to successfully assisting others. Our First Annual Niagara Falls Forward Family Festival was very successful as well; we were able to serve over almost 400 people, had a basketball tournament sponsored by the WNY Elite Basketball Club, had three bounce houses for our children and gave away free ice cream and food -all which was made possible via sponsors and volunteers.

     In closing, keep in mind that 'you are because we are.' Without the contributions of others, even the invention of something as unassuming as toilet paper, there are choices and opportunities we wouldn't have right now. The survival of any culture hinges upon it's ability to cultivate human beings into a group of people who forge unions/units that share common attitudes, interests and goals. These unions/units become communities; the cultural framework for all of its people activities. The more we're willing/able to look out for each other, the less we have to lookout for each other. As Five Percenters, we should expect more of ourselves than functioning like a social club. Handing someone supreme mathematics or getting them to recite lessons does not make them an upstanding member of their family or productive member of their community. Our primary role as civilized people is to teach civilization, which is not just knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and not being a savage in the pursuit of happiness. Civilization is a group's advancement process in all aspects of their people activities. To grow and advance as a collective this means its people are tending to and raising each other up. The reason there are any positive advances or growth amongst any group of people it's because there are those, often small in number, who know and understand this. Our culture is not about what we can take to advance ourselves personally. Our culture is about what we're actually giving, each and every day in each and every way, to advance the lives of others.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In The Name of The Five Percent; [R-L] Life Justice & Justice Understanding

Allah Does Not 
Have An “s” On The End

By Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

As men of the Five Percent Nation or Nation of Gods and Earths, we say we are Allah; all of us males carry that moniker to indicate relation; that is, in human form, we are a family which is universal—and as the consciousness dwelling within the form, we are one.  The word Allah, does not have an “s” attached to it; it shows possession, but it is a singularity; expressed as a multiplicity like the word, We.  We, indicates, all of us stand together for something: like, “Social means to advocate a society of men or group of men for one common cause [8/1-14].”  Stand for something, or fall for anything.  "Cause" equals an aim, principle or deep commitment.  Our beloved Amar Self, the God who brought the knowledge to Power Hill, and God Knowledge Gahib (first born of this city) loved the 17th degree in the One to Forty: “What is the meaning of civilization? One having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness.”  Islam is a culture of peace, which has science; which makes one consider and live in harmony.  Peace is the absence of confusion; which knowing can bring.  We are only together because we are a-like in mind.  In this, we are all together because of we know and govern ourselves by a standard of civlization; otherwise we are just uncivilized people with no real purpose searching for something we know not and worshipping something we cannot see; pursuing happiness in things instead of allowing ourselves to be happy for the things we pursue. In essence, we allow ourselves to be enthused—enthusiasm nor happiness comes from the things pursued.  The universal mind contains thoughts, concepts, ideas and ideologies with which—over years of adding on our findings onto our cipher—we evolved a culture; based upon what we know and understand; i.e., cohesive experiences, to pass onto our sons and daughters; which is the essential part of civilization and evolution.  Like the twenty-three scientists of old [4/1-14; 10/1-40], we have to agree on common rules and regulations—if only for trade and civility.

We are not a religion; we are Islamic Scientist and science comes from scire, which means to know; knowledge is not a belief but belief in what we know is essential and equal to a firm commitment to the truth.  The truth is bulletproof, for there’s no holes in its theories (system of ideas to explain something); therefore it is Holy: Holy is the same as wholly, which means entirely; fully: as, Holy is something that cannot be diluted, mixed, or tampered with in any form [9/1-14].  I heard someone say, “Those are “Muslim lessons” and I’m not religious, my culture is free”—as if the allegories or hidden moral and political meanings contained within Allah’s lessons, scripture, iyat or surah are not true or that reading and applying one persons to concepts, ideas and principles found in religious books makes you religious.  That concept defies common consideration concerning the things one encounters in everyday life. 

We are the knowledge we seek. We recognize the knowledge (and ultimately the knowledge of our Self) through the things we encounter because we choose to do what’s right or appropriate for the situation. Reason being—we are civilized righteous beings. . . We strive to do what’s right and exact.  The question sends us on a quest to find out who we are by interfacing with the things we encounter -which causes us to reflect upon the concepts we embrace.  What we know, or are seeking, is confirmed through our experiences—which leads to understanding; and that knowledge and understanding borns our culture.  The culture is I—God; which states through mastery (13) we know Self [I Self Lord and Master].  That’s not religious, nor being a drone to religious dogma; that’s mathematics, science and being right and exact!   

In the concepts of Triple Stage Darkness, “Allah was all knowing [omniscient], all present [omnipotent], and all powerful but had not expressed those attributes because of Allah’s at-one-ment [Samadhi] with the myriad of the qualities, attributed to the Eternal One.”  It is said that Allah created creation within a portion of Allah’s vastness—as a place where he could contrast and experience Allah’s said qualities.  As Jimi Hendrix said, “Are You Experienced?”  If not, I have little to no tolerance for ignorant fools, claiming to be God.  

Our 120 Lessons speaks about our people and their various experiences, and what they learnt as a result of those experiences.  The Father gave us 120 Lessons, Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets and Twelve Jewels as our tools to do our work.  They say that experience is the best teacher, so why not learn from a book which tells of our various sojourns and what we drew up from these encounters [regardless of the titles we claimed to be at the time in our growth or development?  The Nation of Islam also has these, and more lessons, which they dubbed, “Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees of Perfected Knowledge.”   There is nothing religious about the word knowledge and the 15th degree (or cipher/"0" in our Supreme Alphabet) within the one through forty claims; some Muslims, and also Muslim sons are also Five Percent; those among the ones who study from thirty-five to fifty years.  Just taking  Math and Triple Stage Darkness as your foundation, will never reveal such realities. The first degree within the one to forty states, “The Holy Koran or Bible is made by the Original Man, who is Allah, the Supreme Being, Blackman from Asia.”  Are we not the original man?  So does studying religious text make a person religious? Does seeking wisdom in the ways of others, since wisdom is the way, make a person religious?  Clearly, we can see that a person such as this isn’t talking about religion, they have a problem with being restricted or restrained. They have delusional concepts about freedom and a belief that they shouldn’t be inhibited from carrying out any of their ideas. How foolish!  “N@#hs talk about my mind, your mind, I got that B*#*h’s mind uptight; N@#hs don’t know a damn thing about the mind else they’d be right” [Last Poets, from the song, “Niggers are Scared of Revolution”]! 

When Justice and I were hanging the Universal Flag outside of the Universal Street Academy in Power Hill, my considerations reflected upon the conversation my person had with Knowledge Gahib earlier: Before my person have created the sign, we asked Gahib, “Who should I put the flag in the name of?  Allah, God?”  Knowledge Gahib responded by saying, “Put it in the name of the Five Percent.”  I thought this choice to be most wise, because even though Allah covers all (since all came from one), the concept is somewhat abstract to women because they are not allowed to use the title Allah for themselves—even though all came from Allah; but the title Five Percent. . . Man, woman, and child could identify that title and be proud of it; the academy belongs to all of us.

The Universal Flag of Islam is symbol of the Universal Family: Sun, Moon and Stars; Man, Woman and Child past, present and future; all being born into equality and belonging to Allah.  It really is a family flag; with Allah being ultimately responsible for all matters of the household.  Allah is fully realized through God’s interaction within family dynamics.  A nation can only be as strong as those who uphold it, and a nation is judged by how it provides for those under its’ jurisdiction; especially those who can’t provide for themselves.  Allah stakes that claim when he says, Sole controller.  Allah manifest as the radiant Sun throughout the universe; everything revolves around the sun and the sun provides consideration for everything within the universe.  The Eighth Degree in the One to Fourteen clearly states: “Equality means to be equal in everything.”  [That doesn’t sound religious, does it?]  The seven places God in the center of the flag; which symbolically states he is responsible for his universe or family.  This is our charge when we take on the title.  Anyone who feels differently should look at the eighth degree in the one to forty, which states: “Earthquakes are caused by the son of man experimenting with high explosives.  In fact, all that above is caused by the son in man.”  Now son and sun are one; which means as a man or son—as Allah, you are the Creator; you take on the position of forming the universe: You don’t focus on what the woman did or didn’t do, you think about what you allowed or what you didn’t do, or didn’t know, etc—you are the author of your own destiny and the universe starts with “u.”  You can’t control what others do without trespassing against their free will—but you can control what you allow to occur within your universe and what you failed to do about it.  [I hope this sounds scientific. . . Or am I still sounding religious?]

I guess the problem came in, when we came into physical form.  That’s when we had to master id and ego.  Allah starts with all., but we got a lot of guys, carrying out actions as though they are part of Greek mythology; with polarized, overbearing personalities which are often lacking in social consideration.  God is a group reality carried out through the body of the individual; not a egomaniac who is narcissistic.  You have to concern yourself with nation and family; not your ego.  “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”  If you are a nation builder, you have to subdue your id and ego for the sake of the unit.  That ego you have will have you competing against us and neglecting the needs of your nation and family.  That ego will have you fighting against Allah, in the person of others, to feed your id.  Any righteous woman will not trust you, if she can’t trust that your ego won’t run roughshod over her needs.  If you are Allah, you must look at the bigger picture; not just your feelings and what you want [and that goes for you spoiled brats as well].  The more you entertain your ego, the more you Edge God Out.  It’s all about civilization and refinement [17/1-40]: If I can’t warn you, to save your life, what good am I to you?  If you can discard lessons when they don’t suit your purpose; what good are you to me?  This is what keeps us in check: “Word is Bond [11/1-14].”  All relationships are all about trust and reliance. We have to advocate for the same common cause, otherwise you are dead to me.  Stand for something or fall for anything.

I get so tired of brothers who claim they are Allah; yet when it comes down to claiming responsibility, they want to play the Blame someone else game.  The lessons state, “The Civilized is held responsible for the uncivilized [20/1-40],” and, “The civilized one’s duty is to teach civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of Self and the science of everything in life [18/1-40]. “ You must show the civil and right way, even when the others do wrong; because you know better and by being Allah, you are the knowledge, truth, light and the way. . . [Does that sound like knowledge or me being religious?]  Musa came amongst devils and taught them how to live a respectful life, and how to build a home for themselves—and he was half original.  The Original man taught Musa that man must build  a home for himself—represented by the Universal Flag—he must be civil.  When his woman is more civil for holding the family in tact, than he; that is not right because he is the father of civilization; that is his job; to further the family for our cause.  [Still sound religious?]  

People get it twisted: You can’t quote lessons when it’s convenient and claim you are free and unrestricted when you are not in line with the lessons.  Freedom does not mean you do what you feel, it means that you are free to do things within the parameters of culture; you are free to do things as long as it does not violate someone else.  Its culture/freedom, not unrestricted free agent.  Which woman will loan her powers for you to use, if she can’t rely on you to uphold any standards and keep her secure within her relationship with you?  What woman wants an unreliable man?  There must be a sense of order and protocol.  If our cause is not common—if you don’t adhere to the same elements that the Father gave us; I have no time for you, nor your rhetoric.  I have no patience for this.  You’re either all the way in, or I’m not with you:  That goes for you, “Mathematics and nothing else,” brothers.  We are not the same: Nothing about Triple Stage Darkness, nor the knowledge and understanding that can be extracted from the chronology that One Twenty represents.  We are not the sequence in evolutionary development and I disassociate myself from those that claim that; because the path ownership is not the same.  These are the days when we need to live by morals and principles, and keep our families together; for without them—we fall back into chaos and uncertain times.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Rachel Dolezal, NAACP Chapter President

The Amazing Race 
~Part 2~

Interracial and Biracial (Interto enter intoBito buy)
As I stated in The Amazing Race Part 1, the words “interracial” and “biracial” are terms derived from the root word and concept of race. As I’ve expressed, race is an erroneous and pseudoscientific term used to classify groups of people based upon physical characteristics. These physical characteristics were/are used for the purpose to categorize the intellectual, biological, psychological, social and economic behaviors of these groups in order to reinforce the position and power of a ruling class and white supremacy. An example of this are some of the ‘Criminology’ theories of Earnest Albert Hooton that suggests that criminal behavior is linked to physically inherited characteristics; racist theories that still appear as a rule of thumb on the 11 o’clock news today. See: Crime and the Man   (Hooton, 1939) When it came to Hooton’s Criminology theories, the only problem white people had with them is when he started profiling white characteristics as criminal and inherently violent. Because his theories contradicted the status quo, white scientists began to go on record to debunk what Hooton proposed when it put white people in a negative light.

Let me reiterate that regardless what kind of relationship we have in America, racism always plays a direct/indirect role in that relationship. There is no way around that reality. There is also no way around the fact that America is historically race conscious and the dominant society (ruling class) are white people. Those of us who are black and brown are a subgroup (minority underclass) within their society. So the designation of relationships by ‘race’ (interracial/biracial) serves the purpose of reinforcing these power relations between white and black and brown people. It was through the concept of race that white people placed themselves in a dominant/superior position and relegated black and brown people to a recessive/inferior position. It was also through race that black and brown people, although collectively the global majority, have been divided and categorized into groups/subgroups of second class, third world citizenship throughout the planet earth; making it easier for the global minority (white people) to rule. So to be in an arrangement that is classified as “inter”-racial means a couple has knowingly/unknowingly “entered” the worldview of the ruling class thus upholding that status quo. To be in a “bi”-racial arrangement or even to call a child from that type of union “bi”-racial means a couple has knowingly/unknowingly “bought into” and “buys into” the supremacist worldview of the ruling class, thus upholding that status quo. Although this couple may believe this arrangement is equal because of their shared feelings, it does not change the reality that one person (white) still represents the superior or ruling class, and the other person (black or brown) still represents the inferior or underclass. These power dynamics are still institutionally evident in every aspect of American life and were never designed to be equal. They were designed to keep the ruling class in a socioeconomic position that’s superior and another class of people as inferior and subservient to that class. See: The Help.

If I invented a Game and then invited you to participate in it, it’s still my Game and you can only play according to my rules. So regardless if you call it interracial or biracial, by definition, that arrangement can only serve the purpose of reinforcing the status of the ruling class because they invented the Game of race. Regardless how equal such an arrangement is said to be, it’s taking place within a society dominated by a white American way and that translates into home field advantage for the home team; the white person in that arrangement -regardless how humble, coy or meek that white person chooses to behave. If any problems arise, there will be no confusion about where this arrangement is taking place, who’s the home team and who ultimately has the institutional power to control or dissolve that arrangement at will. Again, since black and brown people didn’t codify the concept of race, and represent the subgroup/minority in any racial matters, we are a fundamental disadvantage. Looking at this Game of race, all arrangements, defined as interracial/biracial, serve the socioeconomic purpose of reinforcing and perpetuating the status quo of the dominant society or ruling class. It is also my position that the only way an arrangement like this can ever become a relationship that establishes true freedom, justice and socioeconomic equality outside of this status quo and ruling class bias, is that it must take place on the ethnic, culturally conscious and nationalistic terms of the black and brown person. In other words, the black and brown person must have home field advantage and their terms must be the central focus and primary foundation of that relationship -not the dominant society or ruling class. This, of course, is a very scary reality for any white person to honestly consider or accept because they come from a societal worldview where being the shot callers, having white skin privileges, their religious iconography, economic elitism and military might has always been considered the norm. As a matter of fact, less than 50 years ago, there were laws enforced all over America that banned black and brown people from even marrying into the dominant society and assimilating into the ruling class. This means that for 189 years of America's 239 year existence, or almost 80% of the time during the country’s existence, black and brown people were restricted from legally 'entering' (inter-racial) or 'buying' (bi-racial) stock in the American Dream via any relationship with white people. Now honestly ask yourself, how can 189 years (almost 80%) of America's political policies, institutions, educational curriculum's, economic investments and religious teachings/iconography about black and brown people not matter now and have no influence on race based [interracial/biracial] relationships today? Even though these things were consistently implemented and reinforced by the ruling class for almost several generations, did their affect upon society and it's treatment towards it's underclass or subgroups (minorities) vanish in less than 50 years?  

A common theme you’ll always notice in any black and brown movement/organization seeking to redefine ourselves outside of the perimeters of race, is our association with ethnicity/genus (color), cultural consciousness and nationality as our worldview. It was understood that when black and brown people “enter” or “buy” into interracial/biracial arrangements, they must partially or completely abandon their sense of ethnicity, cultural consciousness and nationality in order to assimilate and identify themselves -generically- with the dominant society or ruling class. They identify themselves generically because any ethnicity/genus (color), cultural consciousness and nationality that doesn’t represent the status quo is in opposition to the ruling class. So black and brown people who have bought into this Game will begin to espouse generic phrases such as “love knows no color”, “we’re all human”, “we all bleed the same”, “love is love”, “love is blind”, “color doesn’t matter”, “we are all dark when the lights go out” and etc in the interest of assimilating with the dominant society and avoiding a confrontation with that ruling class. What most black and brown people playing this Game don’t realize is that identifying themselves generically and abandoning their sense of ethnicity/genus (color), cultural consciousness and nationality does nothing to address or equalize the power relations of the structurally bias arrangement they’re in. As a matter of fact, it only serves to further empower the person who represents the dominant society or ruling class. How? Because the white person did not give up anything, and aren’t required to give up anything, in regards to their status quo the black or brown person just “entered” (inter-racial) and “bought into” (bi-racial). They aren’t required to give up anything because they are the home team; the standard model upon which all black and brown people are anatomically compared. Therefore, their standard model, and all of their Eurocentric trimmings, remains the foundation of that arrangement a black or brown person agreed to be a part of. In other words, in order to have an interracial/biracial arrangement, a black and brown person is required to leave most if not all of their ethnicity/genus (color), cultural consciousness and nationality at the door. This is the reason why you’ll find the majority of interracial/biracial couples saying, “we are all the same” but still advocating standardized Eurocentric cultural values (holidays, religious rites, diets, clothing styles, social norms and etc.). This is also the reason you’ll rarely cee interracial/biracial couples saying, “we are all the same” and openly advocating black and brown cultural values (holidays, religious rites, diets, clothing styles, social norms and etc.) and actively supporting black and brown movements designed to change the white supremacist status quo and position/power of the ruling class.
Victor Lewis on "The Color of Fear"

So for the obvious reasons I've stated, black and brown movements that are truly dedicated to changing the structurally bias status quo of the dominant society and position/power of this ruling class, do not advocate interracial/biracial arrangements. As Five Percenters specifically, we take it a step further and advocate relationships that are pro-righteous/civilized and anti-devilish/uncivilized. We don’t classify the human family by race. We classify the human family according to ethnicity/genus (color), cultural consciousness and nationality. Regardless of this classification, what people choose to do in regards to themselves, their relationships with other members of the human family and their relationship with the environment is what ultimately determines if they’re pro-righteous/civilized or anti-devilish/uncivilized. Those white people who have the courage, integrity, humility, studiousness and sincerity to learn how to embrace our culture, in order to educate their own people about what needs to be done to change the structurally bias status quo of the ruling class are not ‘Gods’ or ‘Earths’. God, and the Earth, were already present millions of years before albinized (non-melaninated) people even existed. So because these white people strive for righteousness, they’re respected as Five Percenters; citizens in our Nation who are respected as righteous/civilized members of the human family based upon their deeds. We are not pro-black, or anti-white because our worldview is not racially motivated -yet we know and understand that the dominant society has historically promoted a pro-white and anti-black and brown agenda. We are also not idealistic about white people taking on the gigantic responsibility of denouncing ALL OF THE BENEFITS that came/come along with being a categorical member of the dominant society and ruling class just to be a righteous man/woman. We recognize how unreasonable it is to expect most of them to give up white skinned privilege, family inheritance, quit the family business, share inaccessible information/resources with black and brown people and ultimately put their (and their family’s) life on the line to establish socioeconomic equality. As a human family, there are certain biological, intellectual, socioeconomic, educational and etc. investments we are required to make that will not reinforce/uphold the status quo of the dominant society and ruling class. In love, there are certain types of relationships we absolutely cannot engage in. Our ideas about justice, civility and reformation cannot involve people who are invested in upholding an unjust status quo. Partnerships in business can’t be made with people who feel/believe they are above the law. Also, accepting any terms that translate into usury, ignorance or being kept apart from another's socioeconomic equality is completely out of the question -which is historically an institutional reality for black and brown people who represent the minority and underclass in America and throughout the planet where there has been colonialism. In our worldview, black and brown people are first class citizens; first world people who fathered and mothered civilization. The average white person finds this extremely difficult to accept because it completely contradicts what they’ve been erroneously taught about themselves, and what they’ve seen around them, their entire life. Those white people who do bear witness to this truth are not the average; they’re the elite among the ruling class. They represent members of the scientific, corporate, historical, political and medical community who secretly acknowledge who black and brown people are behind the closed doors of their masonic lodges and shrines (temples). And even though they have some of this information, they’re not utilizing their institutions, finances, material resources and intellectual property to change or equalize the status quo between white and black and brown people. They were allowed to learn this information in order to be upright and noble, yet consistently fail to keep and obey the laws.

In conclusion, it’s important to recognize and understand the power relations of any kind of arrangement -especially a relationship based upon the false concept of race in a historically racist (and sexist) society like America. If you’re a black and brown person who’s interested in someone who’s classified as white, you need to assess/define that potential relationship along ethnic/genus (color), culturally conscious and nationalistic lines. This is important because it automatically reveals the power relations that you’ll be agreeing to; maybe until death do you part! You need to know this white person’s considerations and stances on issues concerning the minority subgroup and underclass this society put you in. Since white people represent the dominant society you live in, and ruling class you’re under, you need to know their actual positions about slavery, sexism, lynchings, segregation, foreign policies, stereotypes and the present condition of the so-called race or subgroup of people you actually belong to; whether you choose to identify yourself with that so-called race or subgroup or not. See: O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. When I say stances, I’m not talking about politically correct sympathy conversation about how wrong these things were/are. I’m talking about what they’re actually doing about it. If they never did anything, or aren’t doing anything, then they’re upholding the status quo. Now that they’ve been made aware of these things, you have the opportunity to see what they’re going to do about being in society’s socioeconomic driver’s seat. Some people will argue that you can’t do anything about changing the past… Well what you can do is make sure what negatively happened in the past isn’t happening in the present and doesn’t happen in the future -starting with you, how you’re raising you’re children, and the people, places and things you choose to invest in. For those of you who want to act like this doesn’t really matter, it does not change the reality of the status quo you’re living under. I think it’s obvious that people who are in so-called interracial/biracial arrangements may truly “believe” in a world of freedom, justice and socioeconomic equality, even if it’s just in a bedroom. I also think that the thought of a world of freedom, justice and socioeconomic equality is a seed of a very noble cause. Yet until people can openly and honestly bring their ethnic/genus (color), culturally conscious and nationalistic concerns to the table and discuss a relationship (not an arrangement) based upon the power relations this relationship will establish, they’re only co-signing the status quo of the dominant society and ruling class. As a black and brown person, your participation in such a structurally bias arrangement is not only a disadvantage, it’s highly likely that you will suffer some form of psychological, social, financial and physical abuse at the hand of the person who represents the dominant society and ruling class. How is this possible? Because “who you are” as a minority subgroup and underclass in this society is not being considered. You’re an after thought, if a thought at all. You’re minority concerns are not primary, a priority, and usually irrelevant to the person who represents the dominant society and ruling class. While you have been forced through cultural assimilation to know and respect who they are, those who represent the ruling class have never been forced to know you. Therefore, it’s impossible to have a healthy sense of respect, consideration and even love for who/what you actually don’t know. Can you see how the person not being considered can get hurt in this situation? I can. It also makes one consider the self esteem and sadomasochistic/masochistic tendencies of someone who pursues structurally bias arrangements like this. In their mind, it Hurts So Good.

Now for those of you black and brown people who’ve already made this interracial/biracial decision without taking the time to actually think about what you were actually doing, you have two choices: 1.) Live with the complications you’ve accepted. 2.) Appeal to your white companion about renegotiating the structurally bias arrangements you’ve accepted along ethnic/genus (color), culturally conscious and nationalistic terms to make it fair. Good Luck because it’s ultimately up to them, a representative of the dominant society/ruling class, to consider if your appeal is valid or not. Like with any relationship, growth is important. The challenge with any relationship based upon race, whether we're with someone we consider the same "race" or we call it "interracial" or "biracial", it's taking place on a racist white supremacist backdrop. There is no way around, under, above or through that. Our relationship, and family unit, must be willing and able to transform this ugly reality through everyday people activities that don't reinforce the status quo. Our acceptance or rejection of this personal and collective responsibility will determine that kind of world our children will inherit.


Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Amazing Race 
~Part 1~

Growing up I dated various types of girls. Whether their ethnic status or nationality was so-called African-American, Italian, Haitian, Eritrean, Egyptian, Punjabi, German, Arabian, Puerto Rican, Greek, Native American, Jamaican and etc... I also dated various types of girls of different social statuses. Looking back on these experiences, I am thankful of the lessons I’ve learned along the way; some good, some bad, and yes, some ugly. As I matured I modified my perspective of relationships -realizing that I had to be more mindful of the challenges, conflicts and consequences that forging certain unions would bring. Many of us often have a “love is love”, “love knows no color” and “everything will be alright” attitude when we enter our relationships and eventually find out that it takes much more than these flighty feelings to actually sustain it. In America, regardless what kind of relationship we have, racism always plays a direct/indirect role in that relationship. Realizing this, it's important that we take responsibility for how we allow that direct/indirect role to shape our relationships. I'm not just talking about being responsible for our personal feelings/gratification. I'm talking about being responsible for what our relationship, and potential family unit, brings into the world -especially children. No child is born a racist. Children are taught to be racists, directly/indirectly, by adults.

What is Race? The codified concept of ‘race’ can be traced back to a white Anthropologist named Earnest Albert Hooton. In addition to helping establish Harvard as the center for Physical Anthropology in the United States, Hooton was responsible for classifying human beings into groups and subgroups based upon phenotype (physical characteristics/traits); race. Through what is called ‘comparative anatomy’, Hooton used white people as the primary model of man and classified/defined black and brown people as primitives according to that basic standard. Based upon Hooton’s work, in 1926 The American Association of Physical Anthropology and the National Research Council organized a committee to focus on the anatomy of black people (so-called Negroes at the time). A year later in 1927, the committee endorsed a comparison of African babies with young apes. If that wasn’t enough, about 10 years later in 1937, the committee published findings in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology to prove, not suggest or imply, that Negroes were closer to primitives than the white race. Racial stereotypes about black intellectual inferiority, criminality, promiscuity, homeliness, amorality, socioeconomic ineptness, etc… are all associations with the pseudoscience of Earnest Albert Hooton. Although many white people already entertained/advocated these ideas and feelings about black and brown people for hundreds of years prior to Hooton’s anatomical comparisons, Hooton was instrumental in classifying and systematizing these ideas/feelings into a framework that we’ve come to know and define as race -and ultimately racism. Even though Hooton was not a hood wearing, card carrying member of The KKK, who were already about 3 million strong in America approaching the 1930’s, his work served as ammunition to advocate their White Supremacist philosophies, politics, and policies.

So here in America, this purely sociopolitical construct called ‘race’ was used as a tool to establish, justify and reinforce the power relations between people classified as white and others. These power relations established a status quo; where the dominant society and ruling class is white and black and brown people, the minority within their society, are the underclass. Thus whenever white and black and brown people lived in proximity to eachother, the white group or ruling class controlled the institutions, political networks, finances, material resources and intellectual property. Even though whites are the minority throughout the planet earth, how can you explain these power relations that defy all logic and probability? Is this minority in control because it’s just the natural order of things? Do black and brown people (the global majority) believe they aren’t intelligent enough to govern so white people are better equipped to control the institutions, political networks, finances, material resources and intellectual property? Is there a systemic sociopolitical way of doing things that has empowered the global minority to gain control over the institutions, political networks, finances, material resources and intellectual property? And if there does exist a systemic sociopolitical way of doing things, has this been beneficial for all people, especially the majority? It is my perspective that the concept of race (along with ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’), the sociopolitical arm of white supremacy, is one of the primary tools being used to accomplish this goal. 

See, to even use the word ‘race’ in regards to human beings, we automatically “enter” (inter-racial) or “buy” into (bi-racial) the power dynamics that was propagated by the ruling class (white people) and codified by Earnest Albert Hooton’s classifications. To consider yourself as a race, it automatically compromises your identity because the term race neutralizes/minimizes your ethnic/genus origin, cultural consciousness and nationality. As a person of color, it puts you on the primitive end of a categorical chart designed to uphold a dominant Eurocentric status quo. It’s interesting to note that the findings of The American Association of Physical Anthropology and the National Research Council in the mid 1920’s coincides with the proliferation of Marcus Garvey’s UNIA (United Negro Improvement Association) and the founding of Noble Drew Ali's MSTA (Moorish Science Temple of America). The significance of this is the fact that Marcus Garvey and Noble Drew Ali advocated the importance of black and brown people’s ethnic/genus origin, cultural consciousness and nationality. As a Nationalist, Noble Drew Ali even went as far as to instruct his members to learn ‘The Color of Law” -used by racists to carry out racial inequality/discriminatory policies and procedures within the so-called justice system. This Ethnogenesis, advocated by the UNIA, MSTA, NOI, Five Percenters and other organizations was a vehicle to redefine ourselves outside of the white supremacist perimeters of race and within the context of our own ethnic/genus, cultural consciousness and nationality. Of course this did little to change the dominant society we were living under as a subgroup, or the sentiments of this ruling class. To undermine the progress of organizations like this, the ruling class began to promote the repackaging of ‘race’ under the pseudonyms of Colored, Afro-American and African American in order to get black people to continue entering/buying into a racist (racial) sociopolitical construct. The last and greatest ploy being bio-political subjugation via Interracial (enter ‘race’) or Biracial (bi-‘racial’) arrangements. How and what can be done? Find out in my next article "The Amazing Race Part 2"

To be continued.....