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Monday, April 07, 2014

Jay Z and Wife Beyoncé at the Barclays Center
Open Letter to the NY Post
Good Morning Mr. Buiso,

First I would like to thank you for writing your article "Jay Z is blinging it black", and reaching out to me to lend my "expertise" about my culture -as you stated in your email. It's not often that Reporters demonstrate that degree of journalistic integrity by going directly to the source and I (we) appreciate you for taking that initiative. Because we only spoke briefly and didn't have an opportunity to discuss other areas of my culture in-depth, I wanted to take a moment to clarify some things in your article.

One of the commonly held misconceptions is that Mr. Knight, and the group that he comes from, can speak for and define the meaning of our symbols. We are psychologically different in outlook, and cannot speak for each other; Mr. Knight and us, The Nation of Gods and Earths [Five Percenters]. The fact that Jay Z and Carmelo Anthony have chosen to wear our symbol indicates that they want to be affiliated with the positive works they see us do in our communities.

Our movement is more concerned with issues addressing our esteem and self determination than we are at labeling others for their inequities done in American society. Our symbol -the Universal Flag- represents the sun, moon and star: our universal family, man, woman and child, period. And a unified family is the vital building block of any nation of people.

Thank you for your consideration and giving me the opportunity to clarify this. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me again.
Saladin Allah

Saladin Allah is a Therapeutic/Recreation major who attended Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio, a Region 6 Representative of The Nation of Gods and Earths [Five Percenters] in WNY/Southern Ontario, and founder of A.S.I.A. [Allah School In Atlantis]. Allah has written over two hundred social commentary articles for various national/international publications, self-published eleven books through his company Quanaah Publishing, and he presently works as a youth mentor and community organizer. You can also check out and subscribe to his popular Youtube Channel here: A.S.I.A. TV.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Occupational Hazards
of the Five Percent

Every job has its own occupational hazards, including the job or the duty of a civilized person. Our 17th degree in the 1-40 asks us "What is the meaning of civilization?" The 18th degree teaches us about our job as a civilized person, which is teaching he [or her] who is savage civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of him [or her] self, the science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness. The 19th and 20th degrees elaborate on the consequences of not following through with our duty, and reiterates our responsibility as civilized people. In these lessons that emphasize our duty, occupational hazards or sources of danger that provoke illness, injury, or the possibility of incurring loss or misfortune are undefined. If we had a thorough Enlightener and a positive support system, they taught/teach us about these pitfalls and how to avoid them. Sometimes this isn't the case and we learn about these pitfalls on our own. These potential illnesses, injuries, losses, and misfortunes are what I consider the occupational hazards of the Five Percent, and today I want to shed light on some of these pitfalls; an effective strategy we can use to avoid them.  

Some years ago I met a young man through a woman who stayed in the same apartment building as me. He was in his early twenties, interested in learning knowledge of self, and told me although he didn't knowledge 120, he was holding civilization classes at his house for some of the youth in the neighborhood. He invited me over to add-on and he wasn't lying. When I got there it was about a dozen youth, ranging from ages 10 to 15, in his basement with paper, pencil and a listening ear for what I had to say. This went on for a while and we would hold classes every other Saturday until one day it was like this young man disappeared. Years after that he would resurface and I would see him from time to time in transit. It was always the short build on Today's Math, a commitment to connect, and I wouldn't hear anything from him again until I saw him on the front page of both our local and regional newspapers. According to the press, he was so-called affiliated with a Blood Sect out of NYC running drugs, and the youth he [and indirectly I] were teaching were a team of pre-adolescent/adolescent hustlers being assembled. He was indicted under the Federal Drug Kingpin Law and given 10 years; a charge that carries a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison, and a maximum penalty of life in prison and a fine of $2,000,000. He was given 10 years due to a plea agreement from cooperating with local and federal law enforcement agents involved in investigating the Bloods and other violent street gangs. Whether any of this was true or fabricated, this is some of what the regional papers printed about his arrest, prior to his incarceration:
"At the time of his arrest, investigators described him as a 'high-ranking member' of the Falls’ Bloods set. His home was characterized as a 'Bloods’ clubhouse ... used for organized meetings by the Bloods.' Investigators said a large collection of Blood-related photos and paraphernalia was also discovered at his home. 'He would meet regularly with a group of Bloods (at his home),' Falls Police Narcotics Division Capt. said, 'and he seemed to be pretty dominant (in the gang’s operation).' The local Bloods set was identified as 'control(ling) a large portion of the crack cocaine and (illegal) firearms distribution in the Falls.' In his plea deal, he admitted to being the leader of a narcotics trafficking street gang for more than three years. He also admitted that he controlled or supervised at least five other drug dealers, engaged in multiple narcotics transactions and earned substantial income from the sale of crack cocaine."

I share this as one example of what I would consider an occupational hazard. To this day I am not sure if the Feds have a dossier on me from simply being in what they defined as a Bloods' clubhouse. With the job I've been performing as a civilized person [a youth advocate within my community/region, online via this blog/videos, publically speaking, publishing books, and operating a A.S.I.A. Prison Correspondence Project where I communicate with and distribute literature to people incarcerated around the country], imagine the potential losses and misfortunes involved in me getting caught up in a situation like this. Consider the actual losses and misfortunes this young man, a father, suffered from getting caught up in this situation. And when I say losses and misfortunes I'm not just talking about personal losses and misfortunes, I'm talking about positive contributions and support our people, community and society loses from situations like this. That is misfortune. I definitely don't regret the fact that I taught civilization to this young man and the youth in his neighborhood, I have learned to better position myself where and when I teach. And this awareness has allowed me to minimize the risk factors that can result in the possibility of incurring loss or misfortune, for myself, and anyone that I associate with.

Since I've had knowledge of self, there's always been debates about right or wrong amongst the Gods and Earths, and with good reason. It's important to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the rightness or wrongness about what we say and do as civilized people. I also think it's important for this conversation be framed in such a way that broadens our perspective and our willingness to listen and learn from each other. One approach I've learned is to frame the subject of ethics [right or wrong] as a conversation about occupational hazards (i.e. What are the potential losses of putting yourself and family in that position as opposed to what you [they] stand to gain? What are the pros and cons of that action? How does that choice benefit or hinder your ability to effectively perform your duty?) So instead of just having a philosophical debate on right or wrong, it becomes a practical discussion about effective and ineffective ways to perform our duty as civilized people. In other words, we assess right or wrong within the context of results; "What's in it for you?" as Life Justice would say. If our true intent in being civilized is to mean it, then we've declared that knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and not being a savage in the pursuit of happiness is of special importance to us, and those who mean it too. Sometimes people may lose sight of the fact that we are here to help each other grow and develop. The purpose of framing our builds within the context of results is not only to be scientific, but to emphasize the love and respect we should have for one another, and to maintain peace within our ciphers. We are not URL Battle Rappers and I've been in ciphers where people greeted and departed the Gods/Earths with the word "peace", yet everything they said and did in-between their arrival and departure was everything but peace. Real peace is what links our love for one another and our happiness.

In closing, I want to encourage us to continue working to build and maintain our solidarity by supporting one another in the positive work that we do. Also, remain mindful of the occupational hazards that undermine our ability to stay solid and unified as civilized people. Aside from the external environment of living within this wilderness of North America, Jealousy, Envy, Lust and Hate are some of the most significant occupational hazards we're dealing with as a people; they fuel a pursuit of happiness a person hasn't found within themselves. This raises the risk of being a savage and the probability for illness, injury, loss, and misfortune to occur to us, and those who associate with us. Consider all of the risks we've taken, the risks we've seen others take, looking for happiness outside of self. More importantly, Jealousy, Envy, Lust and Hate doesn't bring people closer to together, they work to separate people and drive them apart... That's hazardous to any relationship, family or community. Jealousy, Envy, Lust and Hate are the same postures/attitudes 30% of our people had towards each other in Mecca during the time of Yacub. Discontented with themselves and what others were doing, they used their dissatisfaction to slowly draw a line in the sand and disassociate themselves from aligning with their own people. Yacub and his clique of followers then relocated to an island to do their own thing, and the devil was eventually born from this division, isolation, and antisocial behavior.

When it comes to civilization, none of us can do it alone or on an island. Whether we choose to admit it or not, we need each other. The cultural development of our people is multifaceted and requires all of our expertise and participation. The belief that we personally have to be the Leader with all of the answers parallels what's been said about Yacub having a big head, him finishing all of the colleges and universities of his time, and seeking to ultimately possess 366% of knowledge. See, if we are truly dedicated to "peace" and the common cause of performing our duty as civilized people, there should be no problem with building about effective and ineffective ways to perform that duty; we have each other's best interest at heart right? It's not about coming together anymore, it's about being together and doing what is positively needed to remain together for the greater good of the people and our planet. Anything less, would be uncivilized.


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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Blaque Male Image
In celebration of Woman's History, Blaque Magazine published an article promoting the idea of understanding a wo(man) better which included the above image of black men wearing heels. Blaque Magazine online is an urban lifestyle web magazine geared toward professional women and men in South Africa. Although this cover appeared in the August 2013 it has resurfaced due to the growing effeminization of the black male climate growing within the Hip Hop and black/brown communities. In February of the same year I wrote an article for Socyberty.com entitled "Hiphop Culture 101; in Defense of Lord Jamar" that articulated the cultural stance of Hip Hop Preservationists. Because we now find ourselves addressing the same issue, often with much more fervor, I wanted to take a moment to add-on further to this topic and share some ideas of what we can do about it.
First and foremost it's important to understand the context of the situation. As black and brown people, we are not the major stock holders, institution establishers, media moguls, government authorities, or military force in America. We are disproportionately the minority when it comes to actual power dynamics. We have the potential to be much more with our solidarity, yet collectively we are still not self actualized as a group. There are various pockets of us being progressive in our own way, and some black millionaires sprinkled in here or there, yet as a whole, we are still a very poor, disenfranchised, underclass group of people in America. At the same time, black and brown people are also the most religious and conservative, especially Bible Belt black and brown people. Given this context, much of the outrage amongst black and brown people with the above image and effeminization agenda is two fold: 1.) Many of us know for a fact that we collectively lack the media might to push such an agenda, therefore it's the idea of the major stockholders in America not ours and 2.) As the descendants of Bible Belt black and brown people who held sacred religious and conservative ideas about the roles of males, females, family, community and sexuality, we still value these mores. It also must be mentioned that chronologically speaking, Europeans and their American descendants have not generally held the same sense of sacredness for religion or conservative ideas as a group. This does not mean that none have, it just means that when you study any of their societies whether its Greece, Rome, Germany, Britain, America or etc. this high degree of civilization was never the practiced status quo. In fact, these cultures were usually highly hedonistic and provided social mores for a societal underbelly to happily coexist. And culturally speaking, for every one black or brown person you find practicing these customs, you'll find eleven Caligula's that taught them.
Now, given this context, many black and brown people are simply offended seeing and hearing others speak for us, especially on issues that outright conflict with the chronology of our people and our cultural status quo. Additionally, some of us a further offended when we see our own people knowingly or unknowingly parading an agenda or getting paid to promote hedonistic customs that betray our cultural legacy and genetic survival. In terms of homosexuality, this is understandable in a practical sense because another generation of human beings cannot exist without sexual reproduction, which requires a man and a woman. Among other things in considering black and brown people as a group, the concern with the effeminization of the black and brown man and this society's advocacy of homosexuality is this: Can it undermine the reproduction of our future generations? If young males [and females] are not taught about their gender role and sexual distinctions, is it possible they won't be prepared to produce and maintain a family? Regardless what our sexual orientation may be, these are important questions to ask ourselves as human beings seeking to exist.
I recently posted a video entitled "Them" vs "Us" about the growing climate of division within our community that is not the most beneficial posture to take as a group, especially given the context I explained above. History, yes His-Story has shown us that any time a group of people allowed a segment of its own population to be ridiculed, ostracized, persecuted, single out and demonized by outsiders, destruction soon followed. Why? Because their own people allowed it to happen. Some of our own people feel that what happened to Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and countless other young black males at the hands of whites was understandable and justified; they were thugs, wore sagged pants, playing that rap music, and etc. In South Africa, many African Nations sat back and allowed the Colonialist whites to persecute and murder the Indigenous blacks because they looked at the ANC as rebel rousers. Even during the time of Segregation here in America, not all black people were down with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During those protests when the National Guard turned dogs and fire hoses loose on our people, those black people sat at home talking amongst other blacks about that's what them n*ggas get. The same incidents happened amongst the Indigenous People or so-called Native Americans when they allowed the white man to take advantage of their tribal disputes, pit one against the other, and them have them both sitting on Reservations when it was all said and done with. Europeans themselves are not immune. Yes there were undercover Ashkenazi Jews who helped Hitler destroy their own people, and many Irish had to fight some of their own people from starving to death during the Potato Famine in the 1840's. One consistent theme you'll recognize in all of these incidents, and various others I didn't mention, is whenever internal differences exist it exposes a militaristic vulnerability that opportunistic outsiders will take advantage of. A great exercise that will confirm this fact is to research the history of the country where an American Embassy exists. These are the same vulnerabilities being exposed within our community today,  as this Homosexual vs Heterosexual, "Them" vs "Us" environment appears to expand. The reason I mention this is to encourage those of you reading this to take it a step further than just being mindful of the Eurocentric sexual propaganda being promoted through their [American] mainstream media. It's theirs, and they use it the way that they want including speaking for us even if we didn't say anything. Therefore, one of our goals must be to empower ourselves with our own media outlets to use our voice. One of my God Brother's Starmel Allah, author of the book The Righteous Way, and various other black and brown people are doing just that. As a sign of pride and solidarity for black manhood, Starmel has organized a photo shoot for 300 Men at NYC's Times Square on March 25th. The purpose of this initiative is to provide more images of black masculinity for our youth within our present day Hip Hop Community who are being constantly bombarded with confusing sexual messages. Messages such as the mainstream androgynous fashion trends of London's Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collections that are being promoted by prominent black and brown celebrities.  
In closing, We also must be mindful of what appears to be, via their mainstream media, growing internal differences within our community where it's becoming an environment of "Them" vs "Us" amongst our own families and communities. These internal differences are not only based upon the mainstream media's propaganda, but it's from the perspective of a mainstream media that has historically kept us a part [segregated], while simultaneously using us to make itself rich from our labor [consumerism]. Many of the things we see and hear throughout the media are being used against us, whether its black Homosexuals  in a prominent position objectifying/dissing men like the show Fashion Queens, or black Heterosexuals making headline news for what was considered an anti-gay slur like when Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000. My view is that our survival as a people depends upon our solidarity, period. As I implied above, like it or not, we genetically need each other for our future generations to exist. All of us, regardless of our sexual orientation, play a significant role in various industries so we also need each other to maintain an existence. We are still family at the end of the day, and don't have to like everything we choose to do, yet we should still not allow our differences to be the reason we neglect one another and allow anything to happen to each other -even if one of us are doing something to put ourselves in jeopardy. We should still care enough and have enough humanity to do what we can to protect each other, even from ourselves. As civilized people, it's our duty to look out for one another, especially when our people aren't willing/able to look out for themselves. We don't have to agree on everything or accept everything we do. All Heterosexuals don't agree about or accept everything, nor do all Homosexuals. We can agree to disagree. It doesn't serve our best interest as a group, to be so divided, that if thousands of black and brown Heterosexuals begin dying off black and brown Homosexuals wouldn't care, or if black and brown Homosexuals were rounded up and marched into death camps Heterosexuals would allow it. We need each other, more than outsiders need our divisiveness.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

How Are We Invested?

Egalitarianism: A belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs. A social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people. 

Recently I posted a status on my facebook page about one of Quanaah Publishing's success stories; a brother named Rasheed Carter, an urban novelist. Some time after that it was brought to my attention that some people misinterpreted this success story, the promotion of our company's services, and my brief elaboration on our Missions Statement -political and socioeconomic equality-, as an attack against others. Although I thought my intention for sharing that perspective was clear, I'm glad that I was made aware that it wasn't, and it would be good to further elaborate on what I meant. These are opportunities we rarely get to clarify something because unless someone is a member of the press, or is orientated in a way to ask questions to understand what someone means, people usually don't ask a person further questions to get clarity on what they meant. They usually just assume what this person meant, and may even go as far as share that perspective with others, without ever taking the initiative to ask the person who actually made the statement, "What did you mean when you said...?" When I ran for public office and put out my Official Press Release on July 4th, 2013, I had to deal with an issue like this. One local publication took the Press Release, made an interpretation about something I said, didn't reach out to me for clarity, put words in my mouth, and printed it. After reaching out to them to clarify my statement, the publication had to retract their statement [perspective] in the next issue -which said alot about the publication's credibility, and journalistic integrity.  

As a Writer, Musician, Cinematographer, or etc., making the transition from Creative Artist to doing it as an actual business is not always simple, especially in a Capitalistic Society. Before I began to publish my literature and put out my music, I made sure I did the research to find out what business models served my [our] best interest as a Creative Artist, and that simultaneously allowed me [us] to maintain my [our] cultural integrity and intellectual property. All of the companies I came in contact with and researched didn't offer this opportunity. It was always a contract agreement where for a certain upfront cost, paid royalty percentage of each unit you sell, acquisition of your creative [copy] rights, and accepted creative direction, a company would be willing to let you work for them by putting out your book, music, or film. If was never an egalitarian arrangement that advocated political and socioeconomic equality between the Creative Artist and the Company. From performing as a Poet/Emcee since the mid 90's, learning how the music industry worked and negotiating a contract with Razorsharp Records [circa 1997], to publishing articles for various publications [circa 1999] and blogging since 2005, this insight is what ultimately inspired me to found Quanaah Publishing/Quahadi Music. This medium allowed me to self publish my own literature, producing/manufacture my own music, and retaining all of my creative [copy] rights. Next I began to share my knowledge and use my resources to help empower other Creative Artists to do the same thing; control their own creative destiny by having direct access to publishing and manufacturing their own products.

Author Rasheed Carter and Paul Dyster, Niagara Falls Mayor
I met Rasheed at our local library one day in 2010. He was fresh out from doing a 5 year bid, jobless, and staying in a half-way house down block. He had one outfit and the only property to his name was a black garbage bag full of notebooks; about four novels he had written while he was locked up. We built for a bit, I told him that I knew how he could self-publish his literature, and I assured him that I'd walk him every step of the way. His first book I helped him publish through his own company Profound Publishing is called Young Savage. His second book, Wild for The Night, he only needed some consultation. 2014, and five self-published books later, Rasheed is self reliant, writing more than ever, and in a strategic position of putting others on who aspire to do the same thing. His success means my success, and I desired for him what I also wanted for myself. Over time I've used Quanaah Publishing to successfully assist other Creative Artists in the same way, and I'm very proud to say that as people become more aware of these opportunities to take control of their own creative destiny, we will continue to be at the forefront to assist them. To me this is not simply a noble idea, it's an important investment in a legacy that truly empowers people, teaches cooperative economics, and reinforces the kind of solidarity we need to build strong relationships and communities. In the most simplistic terms, it's the idea of wanting for others what we truly want for ourselves. Unfortunately, in a Capitalistic Society rooted in competiveness, it's in the best financial interest of some businesses to not provide people with equal access to some opportunities because they'll only breed competitors. In this regard, personal advancement, material acquisitions, and maintaining trade secrets come before the collective advancement of the people.

When I ran for County Legislature in 2013 and participated in a Meet The Candidates Forum, one of the things I mentioned in regards to our voting district is that over 90% of the people who owned businesses here, and secured a living for their families, did not actually live in our district, didn't spend money in our district, and couldn't vote in our district. This, to me, was a fundamental problem when it came to building and sustaining our local economy. It's a problem because the majority of the money these businesses made never circulated within our community; it left at the end of each day and was used to personally advance the business owners, and be reinvested in another district [community]. Because of my personal experience running for public office, and learning the politics of campaign donors and lobbyists, I gained first hand knowledge of where many of these business owners lived; in suburban neighborhoods, oftentimes in mansions, where their children attended schools and participated in activities far removed from the hood that fed them. So going forward, I continued to speak publically and use social media to elaborate on the importance of "Localism", encourage people to research and invest in Co-ops [Cooperatives] -one the fastest growing and successful egalitarian business models to build local living economies-, and warn people against patronizing businesses that are not supporting our communities. Obviously everyone didn't like me sharing this, and some quietly ostracized me for encouraging people to critically examine how we, and others, are truly invested.

Oftentimes we hear people speak about how others "keep our people apart from their own social equality", yet the way some of us choose to interact with, and do business with one another, may functionally promote the same idea. Some of us only promote social equality in theory, and are willing to socialize with eachother about equality and fairness. Yet at the end of the conversation, we all go back to the personal household income we came from. When it comes to advocating real socioeconomic equality, and providing fair access to eachother's finances and resources to advance collectively, we don't do it. To truly advance as a group, there are three ways we must be willing and able to consistently interact with eachother:
1.) Give eachother the shirt off of our back who clearly don't have one.
2.) Teach eachother step by step how to create shirts for themselves.
3.) Show eachother exactly where they can get/own the same quality shirt we have.
Of course relating with eachother like this, in a way that is fair, transparent, and mutually beneficial, is easier said than done because it requires trust. Yet in order to learn to trust one another, we have to be trustworthy, and demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have someone's best interest at heart. Right now, there are still too many of our people just being opportunistic. Instead of building true family alliances, we're making commercial arrangements, and the majority of the time the person making that arrangement lives on a one-way street. If put in the same circumstances of meeting Rasheed, they would simply employ him in order to use his talent to further advance their personal interests, not empower him to be a self-published entreprenuer in order to take control of his own creative destiny. Am I against capitalizing, making a profit, or taking advantage of an opportunity? No. I'm against the notion of capitalizing off of the public, in the interest of privately advancing ourselves. Therefore, the various programs/initiatives I've done and do through my organization A.S.I.A., our Quanaah Publishing/Quahadi Music projects, and my run for Public Office to represent my district all reflect of the same common cause: to inspire, empower, and educate people.

In closing, I would like to say to all of you who're are reading this, who're connected on my social networks, who've read my books, and/or watch my videos, if you would like to know what I meant by anything I've said, please feel free to reach out to me. I'd be more than happy to clarify it for you: atlantisbuild@gmail.com


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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Family in Crisis
By Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz
     I would like to share with my family, an observation I've been watching develop for some time now. It's the kind of thing that requires immediate attention, but I also recognize, given the impact of Western individualism upon non-Western derivative blacks, that this issue may go by relatively unnoticed by most of us.
     Let us make it as plain as I possibly can: "Families are in trouble in this country!" That (in and of itself) is cause for great concern, in this country. However, the situation becomes more exacerbated when you consider that bonds, such as marriages and other like relationships, which are the first social sign of cooperation and civilization between man and woman. is greatly being compromised through out America and most of Europe.
    Recently, when I went to my daughter's PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) meeting in a community near Power Hill (Philadelphia), I couldn't help but notice the sheer number of single parents in attendance. Presuming this phenomena represents normalcy these days, it would make it seem as though, 1.) Birth could occur between one parent instead of two, or 2.) Relationships today are in crisis mode. If this is the case, it would mean the heterosexual community within America is having issues with reconciling its differences between the male and female of our species, and of this area, The NGE is certainly not exempt.
   Now there are several reasons for this, and I'm sure some of it is bound to involve finger pointing, but we must keep our composure. The answer to these things are usually very complex and often involve several factors. We cannot allow ourselves to be rash or sentimental, nor should we allow the forces that be to blame it on the proverbial "straw man" (i.e. "dead beat fathers are the cause of this") because only lousy women and enemies of Black solidarity would do such a thing. For any body with any wisdom knows, in this life, people gravitate to that which they secretly love most. So if you are in love or open, you are the one with the issue that must be remedied -because it's either about vulnerability or obstinacy . . .
     As for the black man and women in America, our existence within the wilderness of North America has been a very precarious situation. At the very least, it has certainly not come without a steep price being attached to it.
   Some of our Ancestors were initially brought over here to America to be servants, but we became reduced to the level of slavery according to color. And this was done by another race who were born of a different social, genetic, and ethnic class; simply because they could. Some of these European colonialists were driven by ill-conceived contempt; Imps and what have you, in control of our future as a people.
     This particular brand of slavery practiced in America, stripped us of our language and rich traditions (4/1-36). Through this continued process it removed us of our original culture as well; obliterating our morals, values, standards, cosmology and/or religion.  In fact, everything special and sacred about us, as indigenous people or tribes, got chewed up in the process of this thing called American slavery.
     While we are on the subject of precariousness, social and cultural demise, we cannot allow things like the invention of the word, "Ms.", the "burning of the bra", or the refusal of some women to carry-on with "their mother's ways maintaining the household" (acts now seen as culturally resistant and non-feminine) to go by unscathed either. For these things also played a part in the current day cultural unraveling of the family. Besides, the women who sphere-headed such political organizations, or became its organizational leaders were not hardly the women WE thought they were; no more than than Elton John, David Bowie, Boy George, or George Michaels were the MEN as promised.
     Obviously Europe has had thousands of years of dealing with the so-called "alternative lifestyles phenomena" (evidently it has been en vogue since the viking and tribal eras), but for us relatively culture-less blacks in America, we had not had that type of exposure or resolution, until we were exposed to Western culture's ideologies. Surely the flaw here, in terms of feminism, was to allow alternative women oversee the total women's liberation movement; since a heterosexual compromise between men and woman, or the maintaining of nuclear families,  would not be the aim of such women. Their solution to gender differences is to be with another of the same kind; not to complement a man in any sort of way. We of the "same mind" should know that black people were brought over here for another purpose, and that was to be used as a tool and also a slave (6/1-14), never to be made literate about this dominant culture or our cultural differences. And when the constitution was written, it, nor its founders, did not have us in mind. Its manufacturers labeled us "3/5's of a man", and I wouldn't exactly call that equal footing or proper consideration for us. It just shows me, that "this" is his society that was shaped according to his lifestyle, and if we are not on the same page, we are not fitting. Besides, eventhough this is a pluralistic society, it is controlled by majority rule, and that places the founding fathers or the colonists in control. This is the same as saying, "It is my decisions, my game my rules!"
     The peddlers of human flesh (colonists) have their own traditions, ancestry, and culture which is different from those who were taken from home 379 [458] years ago. We also had our own but weren't allowed to practice it openly! The 38th degree in the 1-40, makes it very plain: "to destroy the. . . in one day without falling victim to the devil's civilization,"  a.k.a., there's no looking back! The slave master's tradition of isolating various members from the same tribe, whether on the slave ships or plantations, put the finishing touches of fear and isolation in captured black people. This sort of treatment lowered our self-esteem; making us--truly men out of time, and men gripped in fear (8/1-36). This made us a people without culture or a home (not so much the first ones, but the ones who were born from these). Right then and there was the inception of the black individual in America.

On Individuality
     Now many of you are under the impression that individualism is a good thing. That's probably because in Western culture, individualism is embraced by many of its societies. It endorses a strong swagger to look out for number one. To be that only one who ever did it. The strongest one. The smartest one. The richest one. The "Highlander." The one who never waits on or for others; nor do they require much outside thinking. They embrace the idea to be, and look out for, numero uno. 
     American spouts of independence and individualism. It embraces many of the rights and needs of the individual, to surmount and overcome all others. America is also the birthplace of Capitalism: Now what could be wrong with that?
     Well, first of all, we represent the "others," mentioned in the previous paragraph. I guess there's nothing wrong with Capitalism, as long as you are the one who's capitalizing. Life is great for the one who is maximizing on the opportunity, but how about the poor sap that's being taken advantage of? In this American game, somebody wins and somebody loses, but to be a Capitalist, you must have something to capitalize OFF OF. . .
     Now with the so-called individual, you are capitalizing, or taking advantage of, the group organization: You are that so-called "selfish kid." Parents sacrifice for you, send you off to college, and when they get older, you leave them in an old folk's home with a bunch of old folks they don't know about, and a bunch of caretakers who steal their stuff. Individualism is an "opportunism" with a "me against them" mentality. It's a looking out for number one or "dog eat dog" mentality. I guess its alright, as long as you're not "the other", "the them, or the "Buster."
     Black people in America are liken to a kid in a candy shop with no money. Black people want to be the smart shopper sooooo bad. Any one who has ever heard Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison is familiar the all the sentiments: Someone who has something that you can't possibly have; no matter how many times you fry or dye your hair--or date their daughters. We watched THEIR society from barn doors, plantations, and shackles of America, not having a society of our own to operate from. Many of us went from plantation to incarceration without missing a beat, trying to get what they got). Many blacks aspire to have what affluent whites have, so we take on their ways, without comtemplating the consequences.
     Once slavery happened to us, as a government sanctioned institution in America, we became men and women within and without any tribal or cultural ties. We were forced into environments and habitats treated a little above intelligent animals, and capable of servitude to "a master race" (another group of people who claimed they owned us). This posture must have been believed, if not well thought out by the majority of their people because they consistently maintained this institution for 310 years. These ideas have their parallels with Munich and Apartheid. We hodge-podged a few things from their society, in an attempt to make up for the cultural void (some good/some bad), striving to forge some semblance of a nation, but with differences. Up until the 1950's and 60's, we maintained a sense of "difference" about ourselves, even though it was still Westernized. Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington knew of each other, for example. Our persistence succeeded only because the American/European/Western culture allowed it, or didn't recognize it was happening! Christianity served as one of those "pieced together remedies" we used, to make up for the moral poverty we were subject to, due to the destruction of our black civilization. Mind you, the inception of the Bible, from out of the Hebrew Talmud, is purely a Western invention. Yet at the same time, the white man of that day had no idea of the significance of these events, to the events surrounding the date of October 10th, 1964. . . Yet the overall effect had many of us holding ideas that the "youngest people on the planet" have; although never tested over the course of time. That, for my people, is a travesty for us; being the oldest people on this planet. For within the culture of I-God is a promise for a greater future for humanity and civilization. For us who know, we are the way, the truth, and the light, but we must pull away from these Westernized cultural ways that were created under Ni·hil·is·tic tendencies!
     Take my precious jewel for example: her mom and I never lived together. There were plenty of people at that PTA meeting, with similar (or the same) situations. That is to say that my situation is in no way unusual. During the time before her inception, I was seeing her mother, and we were supposed to be working on a more serious relationship -at least I thought we were. This was one of the main problems: a group oriented person and an individualistic person trying to be a couple.  Obviously, she had her ideas, and I had mine, but she had no respect for my leadership ability, although she tried to conceal it, and yet, we were trying to grow together -at least that's what I thought. We were not on the same page. There was an attraction: in most cases, like bait and tackle or a moth to flame, but there was not mutual respect. She viewed herself as sexy and thought this to be a cover-up for her inadequacies and a tool for manipulation and persuasion. I enjoyed her mentally and physically, but as far as family, cultural, and nationalistic goals go, she was not a match! Yet her goals were to lower my standards and bond me to her agenda. How myopic, deceptive, disrespectful and egotistical is that thinking? Why even waste my time.
     As far as societies go, the individual is of little use to the culture that produces it. Their motives are so ego centered, despite the fact that they may come from a stable environment. They take from the society and give little back. These are the people who don't want children and have to get their's first. They are the ones you know what they are thinking, but they're always in a contemplative mode. Now how much trust and care can you get out of that? Much less talk about love! These people benefit from the contributing society oriented people, but they are anything but. They are opportunistic, single-minded, cynical but possess a great smile and wit. They're gonna get theirs, but at what expense? There's a whole generation out there who never saw their parents together. This means that this group never learned first hand how to have a relationship or a family. The father tells them one thing, and the mother tells them something else. The child has to judge for themselves, because the parents can't even come together for the child's benefit. So how's the future looking? "Mommy, what's a marriage?"
     Many of our parents made sacrifices to get us a decent meal, a healthy safe environment, and clothes to wear on our backs. Some even tried to serve as role models to for their ideals, and we were highly critical of them. They were carrying out tradition and we were deciding what we will and will never do. Now our children are coming up short, lame, and handicap because of our egos. Some of them will never know first hand, what family means. And half of what I'm saying is meaningless to some of us because we never knew what we're missing. We were never raised in a family that way, and is difficult to think about doing things for the future of our people. Selfishness has gotten the better of us, and we can't sense what others are feeling -because we are too busy avoiding pain ourselves. We can't tell when we are hurting others or damaging our chances -because we have bought into Western individualism. This segment of our people weren't raised properly, so why should you expect more from their children and their values?
     America's rugged individuals are producing an inferior cultural product, and the consumer must be aware that the standards are dropping quick. The average black family today doesn't represent a relationship or family. It's more like settlements and bargaining agreements, more than deliberate construction. We're settling for the worst part and salvaging children from the wreckage. If families go, then nation building is impossible. We can do better than following the practice of ignorance. Everyone keeps talking about "It's my turn", but "When is it the children's turn?" is my concern. And as I said earlier, The NGE is not exempt.
     We need to focus on our children and a better sense of family and values. Soon our future will be in their hands, and they won't know how to uphold our standards. Some things are more important than being selfish. Cooperating and getting along, for the sake of solidifying family values within the children, is one of them. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few, and our children's sense of family is at stake here. The group needs are always more important than the people that make it up. Besides, if we don't take care of it NOW, THEN it will be too late to try to give our offspring values we never showed them through working together.
Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Reflecting upon 2013 and looking towards the next Gregorian Calendar Year, I just wanted to take a moment to share some of my thoughts with all of you… First and foremost, I want to THANK all of you who supported my political campaign, invested time in reading my articles, researching the links/information I share via my Facebook Page, checked out and subscribed to my Youtube Channel (A.S.I.A. TV), purchased my literature/music (Quanaah Publishing), and connected with me in whatever capacity we were able to. It is very much appreciated!! The numerous dialogues, testimonials, letters, questions, and constructive advice I receive on the daily lets me know that what I do is not in vain b.u.t. is serving my intended purpose; encouraging positive growth & development. There are also many people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting for the first time and others I’ve had the opportunity to build/rebuild relationships from all over the world. None of us are in each others lives by chance, and I look forward to what these bonds continue to positively produce for the future. You are also all very much appreciated!! 2013 has been one of the most productive, progressive and positive years I've had. My Queens are doing very well, I’m very happy about our state of health, and there were many things I was able to consistently and successfully accomplish. As far as Resolutions are concerned, I don’t have any. I am a work in progress so I’m always exploring ways to improve myself so that I can be a greater resource to others. Living a way of life that includes the phrase ‘striving for perfection’ as a part of its fundamental principles is the essence of any/all Resolutions. Therefore, I will continue being as resolute as I have been.

For those of you who’ve made Resolutions for 2013, here are 9 points I revised from an article I wrote a few years back that will help you achieve your goals in this upcoming year:

* Although it is your personal Resolution, your Resolution should be something that improves (progresses) you with the intent/consideration of making you a better resource to others and this World we share. Life i...s interdependent, we all play a role in how the World turns, and there is a constant process of giving and receiving. This intent/consideration ensures that our Resolution is in tune with the universal order, and is something that is sustainable -because we are actively providing a service that others, and the World, needs. If all we are thinking about is what we can get (keep), and not what we are able to consistently give, what we get (keep) will eventually run out. If you don't believe this, try it with your breath. Keep it to yourself and see how long it takes for your oxygen to run out...

* Make sure our Resolution is real and obtainable. It’s less likely we’re going to change EVERYTHING at once, so it's important to work on what we can change, one goal at a time. Also, take things one day at a time.... It took awhile to create habits and it’s going to take time to change them. The smaller goals we accomplish serve as stepping stones; helping us build confidence, and gain the tools & experience that are necessary to achieve our larger goals. And with any goal, one of the first and most important steps we need to take, and habits we need to create is to "Get our day underway with a positive, productive attitude." That attitude sets the stage for our altitude.

* Make your goals specific. Instead of saying something like, "I’m going to read more" say something more specific like, "I am going to read two novels every month." This is called Specificity. This not only helps you better focus on your goals, but it encourages you to be more responsible and committed to your goals. If you were to say, "I want to be healthier in 2013" there is no sense of ambition or plan of action to achieve that goal. Now if you said, "I am going to only eat baked chicken once a week and go to the gym three times a week for 1 ½ hours" that has a sense of ambition and provides part of a plan of action to achieve your goal of being healthier in 2013. If it's not clear, your path won't be cleared.

* Set a projected time/date for your goals. Setting a time/date creates a sense of urgency, responsibility, and accountability to meet your goals. If you don’t meet your time/date then set another one. Without setting a time/date then we’re saying our goals aren’t really a priority (important) -because under these circumstances they can happen any time, and any day. That is not resolute, and if you don't have a time/date, there will probably never be a time/date.

* Write down your Resolutions. I’ve known people who had challenges with organizing their day, appropriating their time, and focusing on achieving their goals. One of the solutions I shared with them was writing down their goals on index cards or signs and posting them in visible places around their home. This helped reinforce/remind them of their goals so they wouldn’t allow themselves to get lost in the hustle & bustle of the day.

* Only share your Resolutions with those who have shown themselves to be supportive of you fulfilling them! If they’re not there to help you, then they’re only going to hinder.

* Look into networking with people/organizations that will help you fulfill your physical and mental health goals. If you want to cut back on the substances you’ve been using like drugs/alcohol, or have some mental health issues going on, reach out to any local, regional, national organizations that specifically deal with drug/alcohol abuse and mental health. There are no Resolutions when you don't have your health.

* Keep a Positive Outlook! Some days it will be easy to maintain a level of positivity and other days you need ‘social equality’ (fellowship) with others -who share the same goals and are just as resolute as you are about positivity. This means, whatever religious, cultural, or secular organization you are a member of or affiliated with, invest the time to be there and learn as much as you can about the positive principles/values they’re sharing with you. This is part of your foundational network and will help you maintain a Positive Outlook when you need the support, which we all do.

* Your Resolution is not the end all be all. Some people live to have a Wedding while others strive to be Married, have a family, and etc.. While the former is a place, the later is a state. So although your Resolutions may help you arrive at a place, the ultimate goal should be to achieve a state of existence. And this state of existence should set the stage to help us achieve even higher/greater goals! It’s all about constant growth and elevation, not stagnation. Life is constantly changing & evolving, and so should the living.

In closing, I want to wish every one of you and our families a very safe, happy, healthy and productive 2014!! I also will that while reflecting on this past year, we consider those negative things we've held fast to that has not only destroyed our ability to unify with others, b.u.t. has undermined our ability to accomplish anything significant on our own. If we think/know we have offended, wronged or hurt somebody, then take advantage of this moment in time to apologize. If you think/know you've been offended, wronged or hurt by somebody, then take advantage of this moment in time to forgive. Begin your New Year with the right mindset, on the right foot, and making the right decision to move forward. We’ve all had challenges within ourselves, and with others, this past year, and I will that 2014 is much more positive and progressive for us all!


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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

“The nature of our relationships with others, and the environment, characterizes the kind of person we choose to be. Oftentimes, these relationships consist of Games; where we choose to be players, and/or get played.” -GAMES

Games are unhealthy behavior patterns designed to take advantage of others, and manipulate the environment. Within these Games, we are either the player, or the participant.

While some Games "dazzle you with kindness, and baffle you with bullsh*t", others will make you reasonably doubt your own name. This book is a humorous guide introducing you to Games such as:

-Monster in the Village
-LSWBT (Lets See Who Blows Their Top!)
-B.S.E. (Blame Somebody Else)
-Mind Reader (AKA: You Should Have Known, Veruca Salt)
-I.R.S. (I'm Really Sorry)
-Piper's Pit, Switch and Bait, and many more!!

As you become more familiar with these Games, you will be able to successfully:

1.) Recognize, analyze, and define various Games you may be playing, or participating in.

2.) Dismantle Games.

3.) Replace Games with behavior patterns that promote healthy relationships.


To purchase your copy of GAMES simply click here:
Quanaah Publishing E-Store

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